Artículos en Congresos-Proceedings

  • Torres Astorga R, Borgatello G, Velasco H, Padilla R, Dercon G, Mabit L. Use of geochemical fingerprints to trace sediment sources in an agriculture catchment of Argentina. Global Symposium on soil erosion. 15-17 may 2019. Roma, Italia. Link
  • Torres Astorga R, Garcias Y, Rizzotto M, Borgatello G, Mabit L, Velasco H. Complementary use of geo-chemical fingerprints and fallout radionuclides to evaluate the impacts of livestock and agricultural practices on soil erosion processes in a semi-arid region of central Argentina. 28th IAHR World Congress. 1-6 September 2019. Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá. Link